Slow Money




The following companies are looking for slow money. Start ups with small investment needs - established companies looking to expand.


Take a look at any and all 3 minute presentations, contact information provided.


VSJF Flexible Capital Fund

Vermont Smoke and Cure

Vermont Natural Coatings

Champlain Orchards

Rotokawa Cattle Co.

Green Mountain Organic Creamery

Terra Green Biologics

The Carrot Project

City Fresh Foods


Snowville Creamery

Midwestern Bio Ag


Rhythm Superfoods

Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill

Home Town Farms

Mamma Chia

People's Community Market

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.

Farmland LP

18 Rabbits

Modular Food Systems


Santa Fe Alliance


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VSJF Flexible Capital Fund

Janice St. Onge (


Financing for small food enterprises and other sustainable local businesses.

Montpelier, VT


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Janice St. Onge

Financing for small food enterprises and
other sustainable local businesses

Chris Bailey

High quality bacon, ham and other
smoked meats from local producers

Andrew Meyer

Whey-based wood finish utilizing local

Bill Suhr

Apple orchard that produces cider,
apple pies, apple butter and applesauce

Chuck Lacy

Grass-fed beef

Cheryl DeVos

Dairy plant for the production and
distribution of organic, Vermont-bottled
milk and milk products throughout
Vermont, New England, and New York.

Parag Mehta

Advanced biologics-based farm inputs
for better yields and replacement of
synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Dorothy Suput

Nonprofit lender for smaller ecologically
and financially sustainable farms and
farm-related businesses.

Glynn Lloyd

Delivers affordable, healthy food to local
clients, focusing on community and
economic development.

Bill Eldridge

Organic milk producer coop

Warren Taylor

Grass-based, minimally processed, onfarm
milk processor.

Gary Zimmer

Biologically-based agri-consulting and
soil amendment company

Mason Arnold

Online grocery delivery from local
organic farms

Robby Larkin

Raw, vegan, nutrient dense, superfood
snacks & meals

Jerry Cunningham

Commercial organic feed mill

Dan Gibbs

Vertical organic urban farming

Janie Hoffman

Chia-based organic beverage with
category-busting potential

Brahm Ahmadi

Fresh food retailer in inner city

Pam Marrone

Environmentally friendly pest
management products

Craig Wichner

Acquires conventional farmland and
converts it into certified organic,
sustainable farmland

Alison Bailey Vercruysse

Producer of certified organic granola
and granola bars aiming to bring food
back to its roots

Joel Huesby

Manufacturer of modular

Yoni Landau

Nonprofit organizer of student run
college food cooperatives

Vicki Pozzebon

Nonprofit working to increase the share
of goods and services supplied by
independent, locally-owned businesses