SlowMoney NYC


Slow Money NYC is a network of food activists, investors and entrepreneurs. We nurture a range of conversations in order to actively develop funding and investment channels for local and sustainable food enterprises.


Slow Money NYC seeks social entrepreneurs involved with the food system who require financing to present their business so that we may better assist you in finding the financing you need.


- Introduction

- Bronx Bees

- Brooklyn Grange

- Cayuga Pure Organics

- NYFoods Organics

- AgSquared

- Brooklyn Bouillon

- Egg Restaurant + Goatfell Farm

- Kortright Creek Creamery

- Vokashi

- Encendia Biochar


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Cayuga Pure Organics


Cayuga Pure Organics (CPO) provides the freshest, most flavorful, 100% locally grown, organic beans, grains, and flours available in the Northeastern US. In addition, our value-added products are unique in having their main ingredients all grown on our farm or nearby organic farms. We are directly involved in every step, from planting and harvesting to the final steps of preparing the food products. The focus of our business is to bring these local organic beans, grains and related foods to both our upstate community and to urban settings where such local fresh foods have not been available.



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