SlowMoney NYC


Slow Money NYC is a network of food activists, investors and entrepreneurs. We nurture a range of conversations in order to actively develop funding and investment channels for local and sustainable food enterprises.


Slow Money NYC seeks social entrepreneurs involved with the food system who require financing to present their business so that we may better assist you in finding the financing you need.


- Introduction

- Bronx Bees

- Brooklyn Grange

- Cayuga Pure Organics

- NYFoods Organics

- AgSquared

- Brooklyn Bouillon

- Egg Restaurant + Goatfell Farm

- Kortright Creek Creamery

- Vokashi

- Encendia Biochar


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Bronx Bees


Bronx Bees meets demand for “local” honey & value added honey-products, and provides unique Organic Beekeeping education across the US. Internationally renown urban revitalization strategist Majora Carter has teamed up with 3rd-generation beekeeper Zan Yassin to promote cost-effective, chemical-free beekeeping through training & speaking services, high-quality products, and communications via this new project of Majora Carter Group, LLC - taking full advantage of MCG’s ability to inspire and connect new audiences to the benefits of organic beekeeping.



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